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Ella Diamond

Chapter Director

My name is Ally Rosen and I am a senior here at Cal. I study Nutritional Science- Dietetics and plan to acquire my RD credential after I graduate. I have always been really passionate about teaching, and have become even more passionate about nutrition in the past few years. I believe that it is so important to teach kids about basic nutrition, in order to better set them up for the rest of their life. I am so excited to be directing this organization and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a difference to these kids during the crazy times we're in.

Kaitlin Shawhan


My name is Kaitlin Shawhan and I am a Senior at UC Berkeley. I’m majoring in Nutritional Science - Physiology & Metabolism and hoping to attend Physician’s Assistant school after graduation. I joined KIN because I love kids and science and it ties both of these together making it the perfect program. I also have learned a lot about nutrition just through being a member of KIN and I think teaching others is a great way to become more knowledgeable yourself. Although we have to meet with the kids over Zoom I think it’ll still be a really great way to participate in the community while also staying safe and so I’m super excited to get this program going!


Ava Nouri-Mahdavi


My name is Ava Nouri-Mahdavi and I am a Nutritional Science major at Berkeley starting my senior year. I am passionate about educating people of all ages (but especially children because I believe most health habits are developed at a young age) on nutrition, health, and wellness. I am so excited to be a director for this wonderful organization that is dedicated to teaching children important values that I wish I learned when I was that age!

Amy Yamazaki


My name is Amy Yamazaki and I am a junior at Cal. I study Nutritional Science- Dietetics. I plan to acquire my RD or Nursing credential after I graduate. I have always had a passion to help kids especially when it comes to nutrition and health. It is important to create a strong and fun relationship to make the journey of a healthy lifestyle more intriguing to the younger generations. Food is one of the big aspects of nutrition which is also rooted in culture and tradition. It will be a great opportunity to promote diversity and encourage the kids to try new things. I am so grateful and excited to be a part of this organization.


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