4th Grade Food Sustainability Curriculum 

This seven-week seven-lesson curriculum will complement KIN’s current nutrition curriculum and delve deeper into food sustainability issues. Our plan is to introduce this curriculum into classrooms in underserved communities in KIN’s existing and future chapters, with the eventual goal of incorporating food sustainability and planetary health into the US health education framework.


The lessons cover a variety of relevant sustainable diet topics related to the food system, as outlined below:

Lesson 1: Climate Change

Lesson 2: Food Systems

Lesson 3: Animals

Lesson 4: Food Waste

Lesson 5: Processing & Packaging

Lesson 6: Food Labels & Marketing

Lesson 7: Final Review!

Pilot Lesson

Kids in Nutrition developed an experimental pilot lesson in January 2018, focusing on sustainable diets with endorsement from the Harvard Kennedy School and guidance from the Harvard Planetary Health Alliance (PHA). The lesson was implemented in May 2018 at the Goleta Boys and Girls Club.

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