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5th Grade Food Sustainability Curriculum 

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This weekly seven-lesson program complements KIN’s nutrition curriculum and dives deeper into the food sustainability issues within our food system. This includes discussing nutrition in the context of climate change, greenhouse gases, and other evidence-based linkages. Each lesson sparks critical thinking on how individual actions can affect the world around us and what we can do about it. Our plan is to introduce this curriculum into classrooms in KIN’s existing and future chapters, with the eventual goal of incorporating food sustainability and planetary health into the US health education framework.


The lessons cover a variety of relevant sustainable diet topics related to the food system, as outlined below:

Lesson 1: Climate Change

Lesson 2: Food Systems

Lesson 3: Animals

Lesson 4: Food Waste

Lesson 5: Processing & Packaging

Lesson 6: Food Labels & Marketing

Lesson 7: Final Review!

KIN's Food Sustainability Education Guidelines

Our current food system contributes heavily to environmental degradation and worsened human health. One of the greatest challenges we face is ensuring the world has access to a nutritious & sustainable diet. KIN seeks to educate on specific dietary changes we can make as individuals for a better food system!

KIN's food sustainability guidelines inform volunteers and the general public about the variety of topics taught in our curriculum. The position that KIN takes on each topic is cited for content reliability and further personal research. We encourage you to read more in-depth by clicking on the underlined word for each topic. Feel free to use this document as a guideline for healthy and sustainable eating!

Kids In Nutrition Food Sustainability Guidelines

Nutrition Curriculum

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