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Caroline Gee

Chapter Co-Director, Research

 I like KIN because it encourages kids to think outside the box and be creative with their health! It's awesome to see how the kids get excited about food and take ownership of their nutrition. Some hobbies I enjoy are running and feeding my dog carrots.

Grace Lui

Chapter Co-Director, Research

 I love how KIN not only combines my love for volunteering with my interest in nutrition but also starts to get kids thinking about their own food choices. In my free time I like to bake, try out new foods (I’m a big foodie!), and workout with weightlifting.


Chelsey Liu

Outreach, Finance

I enjoy meeting and working with amazing people in KIN. I strongly support KIN’s mission to educate kids starting at a young age and hope we can make a positive impact on their ability to make decisions that result in a healthy lifestyle. In my free time, I make coffee, play sports, and spend time with my bunny.

Candace Fong


I like being a part of KIN because I’m really passionate about nutrition and I love working with children. I love how eager the kids are to participate in our lessons and how they are excited to talk about how they have completed our weekly challenges! In my free time, I enjoy relaxing, watching crime documentaries and anime, and singing!


Jack Snyder

Operations, Research

I like KIN because it is a super rewarding and fun way to give back in an area that’s interesting to me. It's also a very important issue that does not get a lot of attention even though nutrition behavior at a young age can have massive impacts on quality of life. I like to scuba dive and I’m a massive baseball fan.

Clara Kim


I like KIN because I like to not only meet new people, but also get the opportunity to educate kids! I think visiting different classrooms to teach students about nutritional facts is a fun way to spread information. I like to crochet in my free time and talk to my friends! I am also trying to read more books. ^-^


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