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1st Grade Nutrition Curriculum

During the seven week program, five instructors teach the following topics for one hour a week by actively engaging the students with visuals, hands-on activities, group discussions, and outdoor exercises. We develop our activities with the main intent of creating an association between fun and healthy behaviors.


Healthy Heart Kids In Nutrition

Lesson 1: Introduction; Water & Sodium


Lesson 2: Fruits & Vegetables


Lesson 3: Grains & Proteins


Lesson 4: Fats & Cooking Methods


Lesson 5: Sugars


Lesson 6: Moderation, Balanced Plate, & Nutrition Labels


Lesson 7: Nutrition Wrap!

KIN's Nutrition Education Guidelines

KIN's nutrition guidelines inform volunteers and the general public about the variety of topics that are taught in our curriculum. The data we reference is intended to give our students a general sense of what is healthy and recommended.

Given that nutrition varies per individual, our approach is flexible in that we do not expect anyone to strictly adhere to the data we cite. That being said, the information we use is all backed by published data from reputable sources. KIN’s focus is to instill the ideas of MODERATION and BALANCE and to promote a diet that is beneficial to both human HEALTH and the ENVIRONMENT.

KIN does not promote any specific diet (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low-carb, low-fat, intermittent fasting); instead, we encourage a largely plant-based diet, designed to be flexible to accommodate local and individual situations, cultural contexts, and dietary preferences.

Kids In Nutrition Program Guidelines
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Food Sustainability Curriculum




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