Nutrition KINcentive Challenges

The KINcentive program motivates students to apply what they've learned in the classroom to their home. We encourage parents and guardians to be involved in their child's completion of each week's challenge.  

Week 1: Water & Sodium

Week 2: Fruits & Vegetables
Week 3: Grains & Proteins
Week 4: Fats & Cooking Methods 
Week 5: Sugars
Week 6: 
Moderation, Balanced Plate, & Nutrition Labels
Week 7: Nutrition Wrap
Virtual Programming KINcentive Challenges

Due to COVID-19, KIN has temporarily transitioned to interactive remote learning. Many KINcentive challenges have been altered to respect social distancing guidelines during this pandemic. See the updated challenges below! 


Week 1: Water & Sodium

Drink at least 7 cups of water every day! As a bonus challenge, compare the sodium content of two similar items in your pantry, and decide which one has less sodium and is the healthier option.


Week 2: Fruits & Veggies

Eat at least one fruit or vegetable from every color of the rainbow! As a bonus challenge, fill half your plate at dinnertime with fruits and vegetables!


Week 3: Grains & Proteins

Whenever you eat grains, eat only whole grains, and make meals with mostly lean proteins like fish, chicken, and lentils! As a bonus, try out a new grain you have never had before!


Week 4: Fats & Cooking Methods

Eat whole food with healthy fats like nuts, avocados, and seeds, every day for a week! As a bonus, try a new healthy cooking method with your parents. Try steaming, baking, or grilling!


Week 5: Sugars

Substitute fruit for dessert at least three times this week! As a bonus challenge, have a healthy breakfast containing no refined sugars at least three times this week!


Week 6: Moderation, Balanced Plate, & Nutrition Labels

Every day, eat at least one balanced meal containing all 4 food groups with the Healthy Eating Plate proportions! As a bonus, follow the KIN cheat sheet above, and compare the nutrition labels of two similar foods to determine which one is healthier!


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